1) Who was Miss Monroe High 1967?
Ruby Pollard
Ida Faine
Wynette Davis
Deloris Rainey
2) Who was the Principal in 1967?
Mr. Taylor
Mrs. Wise
Mr. Johnson
Mrs. Slaughter

3) What is the name Monroe High mascot?
The Tigers
The Rattlers
The Wildcats
The Bulls
4) Who was the Valedictorian of the class of 67?
Harriet Thompkins
Jesse Kimbrough
Lilly Thomas
Willie Gene Williams

5) What are the school colors?
Orange and Green
Blue and Gold
Crimson and Cream
Green and White
6) Who was the captain of the football team in 67?
Roy Willis
Jesse Miller
Willie Earl Jackson
Andrew Howard

7) What was the President of United States in 1967?
Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon
Lyndon B. Johnson
Jimmy Carter
8) What were the colors for the class of 67?
Royal blue and gold
Red and white
Emeral and Nile green
Purple and light pink

9) Who was crowned Miss Junior for 1966 homecoming?
Nadine Sampson
Willie Bell Davis
Leola Cuff
Laverta Williams
10) Who was NOT a member of the class of 67?
Linda Young
Marion Cotman
Authur Battles
Robert Hall

11) What name we use to refer the store next to Monroe?
The "little red" store
The "little green" store
The "little blue" store
The "little yellow" store
12) What year did the basketball team was the state champs?
1 & 2