Lessie's Love
Lessie Miller Turner 1950-2007
Lessie Miller Turner 1950-2007
Wind Beneath Our Wings,(Lessie Turner Miller)
It's hard to believe,  it's been 12 years . We lost a Wife, Mother,Sister, Friend and a Loving Classmate.  Lessie Turner  Miller earned her wings 12 years ago but left a Legacy of love in her Loving Family and the wonderful memory  of the love she had for others. Because of her Dedication ,We The Class of 67 continue to hold that Dedication with Love and Memories of A Jewel we will Treasure ALWAYS.  We miss You Lessie,  but know in our hearts we have an angel directing us and is truly "The Wind Beneath Our Wings." 
We're doing it your way.  The class of 67"MHS
January 2020

  A Dedication of Love 
 Lessie Miller Turner
 By Nadine Sampson Wingate
Proverbs 31: describes a Virtuous Women as women who cares well for her household and rises early in the morning, giving women, strengthened her arms, reaching to the poor and needy, is not afraid, her husband is proud of her, she opens her mouth with wisdom and her tongue is the law of kindness." She is called”Blessed".
To You Lessie we "Honor YOU". No words can truly express what is sincerely in our hearts.
Your dedication and unselfish devotion has surpassed words and thoughts and anything we could speak of. You have been the inspiration of the Monroe Alumni Organization and still kept the faith that you could do all things going because your faith is strong in All you do.
Years of reunions has come and gone and for those of us whom were far away, you along with the class committee kept us informed as to all the events and the news of those we untimely lost...
You have NEVER Complained or said NO. You have taking a stand and proudly said "let's get kicking". Your energy, even when you did not feel your best, energized us all and we soon forgot any complaint that may have crossed our mind.
We would call on you for advice and even a word of prayer and you are always there. News letters have gone across the miles and seas because you care and always found anyone who was a MIA classmate. You never forget when someone is ill to send flowers or a card. You always put yourself last to help those in need and you looked beyond any faults of anyone to show love and forgiveness.
At the Alumni Reunion for 2006, you gave your all and the energy was there. You greeted everyone, who saw you with a BIG smile and we all were so proud of you and your family for such a wonderful picnic. There were faces we had not seen for years and they all spoke so highly of you. God has Blessed you and you have Truly been A Blessing to All of Us. We look at You and all you do and say "And Still She Rise." No complaints comes from your mouth only Love from your Warm Heart. We see you and we count our Blessings and speak many for you.
Lessie, You are our Class Queen and one we are Proud to crown with the Jewels that only A Queen of your heart should wear.  We Thank you for your Unselfish and Sincere Dedication for so many years.
We thank your family for sharing you with us. We are Truly Grateful. Thank You Our Friend, Our Classmate and Our Years of Inspiration.
 We Love You and will be Praying and Thinking Always. Strength and Honor is truly A description of you.  “God Bless You Lessie as You Have Blessed Us." 
                                        The Class Of 1967