Honored & Remembered
Students from Class of 1967 visit Ms. Whisenants at Kennedy Middle School 2010.
Students from Class of 1967 visit Ms. Whisenants at Kennedy Middle School 2010.

How can one just say “thank you” for a job so well done? 
Not easy right? However, we, the class of 1967, were so very blessed and honored to be under such wings. We were not the only ones to experience the presence of such a person. This act of selflessness and undeniable love and care began for others in 1947.

A woman with a spirit of high determination set out to make a lasting impression on the many lives she would touch for the years to come . This amazing, remarkable, and intellectual woman is none other than the legendary Ms. Beecher Whisenant. As a student, with all of the odds against her, she graduated with honors as the head of her class. Her accomplishments would lead her into a career that would prove to be one in which she would touch many lives and leave a legacy that will never be forgotten nor taken for granted.

We as students were mesmerized and motivated by her approach and teaching methods. She amazed us with her energy and passion for education. To have the pleasure of sitting in her class, listening to her discuss the topic at hand, was like being at a movie and taking it all in.

Ms. Whisenant  was so wonderful and effective as an educator, that she became more than just our teacher. She became a counselor, a friend and most importantly, a motherly figure to all who attended Monroe High.

Ms. Whisenant wore this crown of graciousness for 63 years.
This year, we honor and remember a legend. A legend not only in the classroom, but to a friend.  Monroe High School Class of 1967 vow to always remember what she have done all these years. We will forever  honor and remember the pleasures of being  her students .

Sincerely submitted by Nadine Sampson (Wingate) June 2010

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