Halls of Monroe High
Halls of Monroe High
Remembering the Halls of Monroe High
Looking back at what went on in the halls of Monroe High are memories that are impossible to forget. Let's take a moment to go back into time, and reminisce about the days when we entered the doors of a school filled with dignity. An institution that had  principals and instructors who truly cared about making our days at Monroe High unforgettable.
Let us take a look back at the corridors as they were back then. Envision Mr. Johnson walking the halls to see what we were doing for the day. Whether good, bad, or somewhat out of the ordinary, we knew we had to get it right, or pay a visit to Mr. Johnson or Ms. Whisanant in the office. No matter what charges we may have been facing, by the end of the visit, we knew that everything was going to be okay. The consequences were given out of love. They did what they had to do to help us realize that the Halls of Monroe High were pathways to knowledge and higher learning for each and every one of us.
Every class obtained instructors who took their time no matter how long, to explain exactly what we needed to know before exiting those doors and entering a world where your education determined your worth. We received the best instructions and guidance in every subject. Our faculty was determined to bring out the best in us which allowed offering our best to others.
Do you remember the assemblies in the gym? The pep talks Mr. Johnson would give us before each program? That type of encouragement reassured us that we not only were not only receiving the best education, but we were also blessed to have a staff that made learning fun and ensured that we enjoyed being Monroe students. Football and basketball pep rallies were the best. We felt as if everything our athletic program accomplished would go down in history. Why you ask?  Because we were Monroe High Wildcats! State Champions before the season even started. The over populated number of trophies that filled the cases in the hallways and offices proved just how great we were.
Our Homecoming Games and the events that took place were something to behold. Remember our halftime shows? The battle of the bands at its best! It was times like these that added to the excitement to the social aspect of being a Monroe Wildcat. Coach Blake and the coaching staff would be just as pumped as us and the players, if not more. Claiming victory game after game kept the good times rolling. After a home game we would gather in the gymnasium to enjoy one another with food, music and talking memorable moments from the game.
As students at Monroe High, we had our good days and bad days, however, we knew we had instructors who were dedicated to equip us with what needed academically and morally to face the challenges of life. Being successful is one thing, but knowing how to succeed is another. There is a particular student who talks about  the destiny Mr. Johnson set for her by giving her some law books, because he knew she would make a great lawyer, only if she had the desire to pursue that as a career. To this day, she (F.G) continues to speak highly of a principal who inspired her and the rest of the graduates of Monroe to be great.
The recollection of walking the halls of Monroe High is only a small portion of what we experienced as a whole. It is not often that high school students can give a positive report on the food that was served in the cafeteria, but we could at Monroe High. We also a sweet shop, yes "the little green store." This was our stopover before going to class to make sure we had the energy we needed to get through the day. This little store had anything you wanted and back then a dollar went a very long way. We truly had it all and  enjoyed it to the fullest. It was facts such as knowing that we were surrounded by a staff of great teachers and a principal who refused to let you say "I can't"  or "I'll try” that made walking the halls Monroe High as days to remember. More to come in" remembering the school with halls of knowledge.'"
Submitted with Gratitude